A tool for building reports and analysing data

What you do with the Tool
You build up reports. Table reports, table & graph reports. The reports are based on local cubes, MSAS cubes or SQL relational databases or plain excel files.
First of all you have to set up datasources to be able to build the reports on. The datasource could be an cub file built from excel or odbc against an excelsheet or a general odbc against a relational database or an olap database.
Then you are able to start building Reports on that source, you have several report types yo choose from.
After selecting report type you have a very flexible way to build reports. Just drag and drop your fields in the reportarea and you are up and building very complex reports within minutes.

If you need any help building
  • Data warehouses
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Forecasts
  • Planning
  • CRM

Version 2 News

  • Now added full favorites functionality = personalized reporting
  • Added support for MSAS2005, MSAS2008. Now supporting all MSAS and localcub files
  • Added support for Excel, SQL 7, SQL2000, SQL2005 and SQL2008 as a source to build reports on
  • Changed The Office integration, this is now a very good integration and all office applications is supported
  • Drillthrough option on MSAS sources
  • Some bug fixes.

Functionality in the Tool
Create & Manage datasource
Create Local cube files directly from within the tool
Create/Edit reports
Link Office documents directly in the report portal

You will need OWC to be able to run this

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